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Our Operations

There are two components to our operations:

1. The mining operations:

We are currently in an advance stage of preparing to extract gold in Australia.

The geologist reports are favourable and preliminary tests are optimistic. Geologically, the deposit shares many similarities with the nearby deposits which have been successfully mined. This includes the same host rocks, similar structure and ore zones and the same age of mineralisation.

Through our collaboration with Indmalia Gold Pty Ltd, we have gotten the leases to mine. Origin Mining is now at the stage of assembling a team to explore the gold reserves in Australia.

Further development of this project will be posted here as details have to be kept confidential at this stage.

2. The Marketing and Corporate Office:

Origin Mining Sdn Bhd Marketing and Corporate Relation department is responsible for managing the company’s revenue stream and be the centralized corporate communication department.

As a collaborative principle, we would often set up a Joint Venture with the host community in order to streamline operations. The same applies to our marketing endeavours.

Origin Mining have marketers located in regional offices close to our customers, ensuring we are able to meet their needs and understand the markets that underpin our business.

The Corporate Offices serves the following functions:

  • Gives strategic direction to the company including alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Selling our products and the purchase of all major raw materials;
  • Manages the supply chain for our various products, from asset to market, and raw materials, from suppliers to asset;
  • Managing credit and price risk associated with the revenue line;
  • Achieving market clearing prices for the our products products;
  • Procurement of Equipment
  • All corporate communication
  • Legal and contractual matters
  • Management of Mining leases

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